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Let's face it, losing weight is hard and keeping lost weight off is even harder.  Like you I've been here. This Weight Loss program takes your lifestyle, genetic profile and your self-defeating thoughts and behaviors in consideration.  It is your roadmap. I will be in the passenger's seat to guide, motivate, facilitate and cement healthy lifestyle changes.

Whether you are looking to prevent type 2 diabetes, decrease or eliminate medication, get to a weight that is more in line with your lifestyle, boost your energy, heal your body or just feel accomplished at the end of the day, you are in the right place.  No matter how busy you are, or how many times you've failed at weight loss, I will make it easy for you to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Book a virtual or phone consultation by calling 407-579-9589.



It is very important you decide whether this is the right program for you.  There is no stated time frame since everyone starts with their present lifestyle situation and I help make it easier for you to succeed at making the changes you know you should make but felt insecure, overwhelmed or alone. I'll hold your hand for how long you need me too but you have to decide whether this best fits your needs.  Includes health and nutrition assessment and how ready you are in beginning to rewrite your wellness story.

Weight Loss Roadmap

This twelve week program is actually part of a lifestyle rejuvenation that takes you through 5 complete phases, each of which are key to a lifetime journey towards your optimal weight and more importantly, your optimal wellness.  And we promise, we will not forget the final and most important phase that we call "Healthy For Life."  Learn More Weight-loss-roadmap


Included are pre and post lab testing, scale for remote monitoring, dietary supplements, meal replacements, Medical supervision, weekly coaching sessions.    
A science based weight loss roadmap that follows Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2018 8th Edition and CDC dietary guidelines and is consistent with the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans which emphasizes 3 hours of moderate or greater intensity workouts per week. Learn more
You have all you need to make healthy living part of your life now and in the long-run.  Real food, Recipes, Remote monitoring, Coaching, Lab work, Motivation and Healing. 
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Lifestyle Coaching

Understand and manage your own health on your own terms.  I make it easy for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and good skin care.
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Our diabetes prevention program requires a yearly commitment.  To make this program affordable, there is a monthly subscription of $49.00.  Some employers and insurance companies might reimburse or share the cost with you.  

Health savings accounts can be used to pay for the diabetes prevention or weight loss programs.  These programs are completely online.


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