Mindful Beauty

We've combined the best in Science and Nature to bring you significant, visible results.
  •  Provide you a safe haven to analyze and resolve skin issues on your face and body. 
  •  Offer you stress relief and healthy life pointers. 
  •  The skin health services revolve around highly effective professional treatments, perfectly customized to specific conditions and complemented by daily-home-care products to enhance and maintain outstanding results.
  • Offer you clean nutrition supplements and skin care products.
Our services and products are customized to work with the skin's chemical makeup and deliver flawless, healthy, younger functioning skin with less products and in less time.   


Our Body contour treatments can be used alone or to complement our weight loss programs to enhance results on a daily basis. 


Decrease breast tenderness, improve lymphatic drainage, strengthen breasts muscles. 

This treatment assists to tighten and firm the skin and muscles for a younger looking appearance while also encouraging movement in the lymphatic drainage system.

After a Breast Enzyme you will no longer need to find the courage to wear that dress with the plunging neckline or the fantastic bikini you love after a Breast Enzyme.

Breast enzyme treatments work to contract the muscles, replicating the muscle toning exercises most often found in Pilates.



For increased inch lose and diminished cellulite.

A thermogenic body sculpting wap.  This treatment assists in stimulating the lymphatic drainage system, helping to remove toxins and waste material that cause stagnation and fluid build-up.  This prevents fat cells from becoming engorged and squashing blood vessels.  When fat cells are inflated with fluid and toxic wast they buldge and creates dimpled, lumpy, bumpy appearance seen on the skin that we call cellulite.  Body sculpting stimulates the circulation and lymphatic drainage systems restoring optimal function to the affected area helping to revise the appearance of cellulite.





The body firming bootcamp gets results.

Over the 12 weeks this body transformation program can help improve the skin's appearance when accompanied by healthy diet and exercise.

This 12 weeks body transformation program is designed to to improve the appearance of the skin while working to shape and sculpts those stubborn areas where exercise and diet are not making a difference.








On gently cleansed skin, the technician first deeply exfoliates ingrown hairs and clogged follicles with  an organic enzyme or microdermabrasion.

Skin is then warmly and comfortably steamed, ingrown hairs and acne are extracted, and a soothing organic mask is applied to close pores and tighten the skin. Skin bleaching can be add to get rid of dark spots or hyper-pigmentation.  To top it all off a session of LED Light Therapy addresses dark spots and bacteria. A skin tightening session can also be added to help firm,tone,and tighten your bum or thighs.

Your bikini line will look clear and free from in-grown hairs and bikini bumps. The way a bikini line should look!



On gently cleansed skin, your skin is first deeply exfoliated, ingrown hairs and clogged follicles are treated with Diamond Microdermabrasion or an organic enzyme.   Light Therapy addresses sun and pigmentation spots.  With a session of skin tightening and cellulite reduction, Your bum will be as soft and clear as a baby’s bottom!

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Service Policy

Skin care does not have to be hundreds of dollars.
To provide a safe haven to analyze and solve skin issues on the face and body while offering healthy life pointers.


We offer 6 months and yearly memberships.  Membership offers reduced prices on Signature Facials.  Advanced treatments are discounted to $89.00 and a 10% discount is available on skin care products.

There is a 48 hour cancellation policy.  Any cancellations less than 48 hours before scheduled appointment will be subject to $50 cancellation fee.


Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you schedule your next appointment.  We recommend that you schedule your next service prior to leaving Triple 8 Spa & Wellness.  To hold a reservation, we require a credit card number and expiration date at the time of scheduling. You can also schedule online 24/7 by pressing  BOOK Now!


Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your first appointment.  This will allow you to update your client profile, change, or prepare before you begin.

For the purposes of professionalism and warmth, clients are draped during the treatment.  The treated area is uncovered, massaged or waxed, and then it is re-covered.  Undergarments can also be worn.

We recommend that you leave your valuable items at home when enjoying spa services.  We cannot be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal articles.

NO REFUND POLICY: It is the policy of Triple 8 Spa & Wellness that no refunds will be issued once an initial purchase has been made.  If treatment is declined, the purchaser may receive the full amount in house credit toward alternative treatments.  Only the amount paid is redeemable to house credit taking into account discounts that were taken at the time of original purchase.  When treatment packages are used, the full cost of each treatment will be deducted from the amount paid and the remaining balance can be redeemed toward house credit if other treatment options are pursued.

Payments by cash, Visa, Master card, American Express and Care Credit are accepted.  The prices are subject to change without notice.

Gift Certificates are available at our reception desk or online at  Any of the listed treatments can be given to a friend, client, or loved one.

Credit Card Processing:


Your personal information and payment information is always secure.  We use the industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to guarantee the security of your transactions and your information.