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Triple 8 Spa & Wellness Clinic is the premier source for paramedical skin care and personalized wellness services in South Orlando.  We help you look healthier and feel younger no matter the occasion, no matter your age.

Triple 8 Spa & Wellness Clinic is conveniently located between Taft Vineland Road and Consulate Drive in South Orlando. We have ample parking and a warm, caring and friendly atmosphere.

Helping you Enhance your self-image is our passion.

Red Carpet Body

At Triple 8 Spa & Wellness Clinic, we take care of your whole body, every inch of you!  Our red carpet  body treatments are designed to help you look stunning in "that dress."  It includes total body detox, slimming, body contour, cellulite treatment and immune support.


As an add-on treatment $45


Breast health may be a large concern for women but keeping the girls looking young and perky is also something women worry about.  There are upper body exercises that can help enhance the appearance of breasts like push ups and chest presses.  These are also good for stimulating the lymphatic drainage system, a large part of which is located in the breasts of both women and men.  Keeping the lymphatic drainage system functioning optimally is very important for breasts health. 

There is another easier less strenuous way, rather than spending 20 minutes every day on upper body exercises, a DMK Breast Enzyme Therapy Treatment.  

This treatment assists to tighten and firm the skin and muscles for a younger looking appearance while also encouraging movement in the lymphatic drainage system.  DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatments are effective because they work to revise the skin's appearance through its function from the inside out.

After a Breast Enzyme you will no longer need to find the courage to wear that dress with the plunging neckline or the fantastic bikini you love after a Breast Enzyme.

Breast enzyme treatments work to contract the muscles, replicating the muscle toning exercises most often found in Pilates.




$120 plus products

Juicing for breakfast

Want to fit into that skinny dress?  Help minimize the appearance of cellulite and discover a firmer body.

The DMK BODY SCULPTING WRAP is designed to help reshape and sculpt the body.  It assist in removing the appearance of cellulite and unsightly puffy areas.  By  creating a "thermogenic effect." it increases circulation and aids in the removal of waste material, firming, tightening and leaving the body smooth and sculpted.

Excellent results can be seen in just one treatment but for even better results, multiple treatments are recommended. For the ultimate in body care, BODY SCULPTING can be combined with DMK's excellent BODY ENZYME program.

Dress Rehearsal

Client may have 1 body wrap every 3-4 days.

The M'Lis Body Contour Wrap is an all-natural, holistic approach to body contouring that has been helping people lose inches since 1979.  

The contour body wrap cream promotes a healthy and permanent inch loss of 4-14 inches per treatment while maintaining proper hydration.  since this is not a water loss wrap, the inches lost will remain lost with healthy diet and exercise.  Effective for those suffering from fluid retention and fluid retention.




Replenishing Body Wrap


This deep exfoliating and strengthening firming enzyme treatment is specifically designed for those who want to see and feel results.  Body enzyme therapy contours while encouraging the skin to perform better.  It increases circulation and lymphatic drainage and strengthens and firms skin.  Excellent for cellulite, fluid retention, dry skin, poor circulation as well as ingrown hairs, pigmentation and stretch marks.



And Much More...

You don't have to suffer any discomfort or from any unsightly or embarrassing skin condition on your body. DMK's BODY ENZYME treatment works to restore your skin back to health in the most natural way possible so that you can enjoy the benefits of smooth, glowing, healthy skin and feel confident about your body again.


Fanny Facial

Fanny Special $500, New Client Special $250
Sometimes skin in those intimate parts isn't quite ready for close-up.  You can fix this problem.  On gently cleansed skin, the therpist first deeply exfoliates ingrown hairs and clogged follicles with Diamond Microdermabrasion or an organic enzyme.  Skin is then steamed, ingrown hairs and acne are extracted, and a soothing organic mask is applied to close pores and tighten the skin.  The mask is then cleaned off and a session of LED Light therapy addresses sun and pigmentation spots.  Green light slows melanin production to stop pigmentation  formation.  Blue light kills bacteria and acne, and Yellow Light detoxifies and replenishes cells.  When a session of skin tightening and cellulite reduction.  Your bum will be as soft and clear as a baby's bottom!

Ingrown Hair/Folliculitis

Starts at $75.

The price will vary depending on the size of the area treated.

The duration of treatments vary from client to client.  Between 2 and 8 treatments may be needed.  

Designed to effectively and professionally address bumps, on the upper arms, ingrown hairs and folliculitis.bacteria.  Treatment includes cleanse, exfoliation, extractions if needed, face or body enzyme and transdermal nutrition.

Areas commonly affected are:

Back and chest


Anywhere acne is present




Hair Restoration Program

Contact us today to set up a consultation and find out how our hair restoration program can help you keep a healthy head of hair and grow your edges back.


Premature hair loss not only leads to self-consciousness and avoidance behaviors in men and women, it is also difficult to treat effectively and there is no one size fits all.  At Triple 8 Spa & Wellness we take a holistic, non-surgical approach to hair loss and offer a Hair Restoration Program for restoring natural growth.  Our program combats all facets and symptoms of hair loss.  If you are suffering from balding, hair thinning, edge loss, oily scalp we can help you.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and see what Hair Restoration can do for you.


Triple 8 Spa & Wellness offers the most effective treatment programs tailored for each individual.  Your scalp therapy involves visiting the clinic either once a week or once a month depending on your hair loss needs and conditions and takes about 30 minutes - 60 minutes.  Treatment involves hair steam, infra-red light therapy, microneedling and specially blended scalp and hair cocktails.

Microneedling stimulate activity in the scalp which further encourages hair growth.  A-cell serum when used with microneedling recruits the body's own intrinsic growth factors and healing proteins over a period of months.  The Initial process includes scalp test, deep scaling, rebalancing, regeneration, nutrition and cell activation.


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Service Policy


If you need to reschedule or cancel, please give 24 hours notice. If you cancel the SAME DAY as your appointment, you will be charged for all services in full to the credit card we have on file.  If you happen to be a NO SHOW for the appointment, you will be charged for all of the services in full.


Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you schedule your next appointment.  We recommend that you schedule your next service prior to leaving Triple 8 Spa & Wellness.  To hold a reservation, we require a credit card number and expiration date at the time of scheduling. You can also schedule online 24/7 by pressing the BOOK now button.


Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your first appointment.  This will allow you to update your client profile, change, or prepare before you begin.

For the purposes of professionalism and warmth, clients are draped during the treatment.  The treated area is uncovered, massaged or waxed, and then it is re-covered.  Undergarments can also be worn.

We recommend that you leave your valuable items at home when enjoying spa services.  We cannot be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal articles.

We offer a discounted price for the purchase of treatment packages.   Payment in full for the entire package is mandatory prior to receiving your first treatment.   Unfortunately, courses of treatments are non-refundable.

If you experience a significant adverse reaction to a product or treatment, you must be evaluated prior to proceeding or discontinuing the product or treatment.  If further treatments are indicated, no refunds will be issued.   As advised by a doctor, service credit may be granted.

Payments by cash, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express and Care Credit are accepted.  The prices are subject to change without notice.

Gift Certificates are available at our reception desk or online at www.triple8spa.com.  Any of the listed treatments can be given to a friend, client, or loved one.

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Your personal information and payment information is always secure.  We use the industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to guarantee the security of your transactions and your information.  


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