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At Triple 8 Spa & Wellness we provide quality Beauty & Wellness Services designed to help you Look Healthier & Feel Younger.

Products: We use products that are evidence-based, results-driven, with transformative ingredients that perform specific tasks to improve skin tone and texture, clear acne, lighten scars and pigments, soften fine lines and wrinkles and revise skin to its normal, healthy, youthful function.

Change takes time: Use your products for a full thirty days before judging your results.


Some results may be immediate, others may appear after days, weeks or months but you will get results.










Body Treatments


Our Body Treatments are designed to harness the body's natural reparative mechanisms to repair skin damage caused by laser resurfacing, waxing, shaving, sun exposure, weight fluctuations and dead cells build-up.  All treatments are tailored to match your unique skin qualities.  

Initially a series of 4 to 6 treatments may be required, combined with home prescriptives.  I do not only address the problem but how it came to be there.  Experience the Triple 8 Spa & Wellness difference today.

Ingrown Hair/Folliculitis

Designed to effectively and professionally address bumps, on the upper arms, ingrown hairs and folliculitis.bacteria.  Treatment includes cleanse, exfoliation, extractions if needed, face or body enzyme and transdermal nutrition.

Areas commonly affected are:

Back and chest


Anywhere acne is present




Starts at $75.

The price will vary depending on the size of the area treated.

The duration of treatments vary from client to client.  Between 2 and 8 treatments may be needed.  

Cellulite Fix

Cellulite is a condition that occurs in women.  It is genetically inherited and may occur either in a thin or obese individual.  Hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause also trigger this condition.

Ultrasonic cavitation supports lymphatic drainage, mobilizes fat and improves skin tone and elasticity.

In-spa cellulite treatments are scheduled twice a week  for a period of six weeks.  A home care regimen is necessary to enhance and sustain results.

The combination of two treatments: spot treatment for cellulite and whole body detox accelerates results.


With whole body detox  add $45
Stretch Marks Revision
This treatment formula softens and dissolves tears in the skin before knitting the structure of the tissue.  Microneedling is used to stimulate fibroblasts production.  Enzyme therapy is performed to rebuild and strengthen the skin back to optimal function.  Improves microcirculation, boosts capillary blood supply.
Body Sculpting Wrap
Designed to assist in the sculpting and reshaping of the body.  It provides a dramatic reduction in cellulite by creating a thermogenic effect. It increases circulation and eliminates waste material.  Body sculpting can provide an effective aesthetic result through tightening and toning.
It has a firming, tightening and toning effect on the skin of the body, leaving the appearance smooth and sculpted.
Excellent for cellulite.

Thighs, buttocks & stomach  = $175

Thighs, buttocks, stomach& top of arms  = $195

Full Body Enzyme Therapy
This deeply exfoliating treatment is specifically designed for fast results on the body.  While hydrolising redundant cell build up, it increases circulation and lymphatic function.   Excellent for cellulite. fluid retention, dry skin, poor circulation and ingrown hairs.

Half body from $185

Full body from $250

Breasts Enzyme Treatment
Alongside any other DMK treatment - $95.  The DMK Breasts Treatment is designed to tighten and tone the delicate tissue around the bust and decolletage by utilizing Body Enzyme Therapy.  Breast enzyme works to contract the muscles replicating breasts toning exercises.  The result is  perky and healthy breasts.

As an add-on treatment = $95


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If you need to reschedule or cancel please give 24 hours notice.  If you cancel the same day as your scheduled appointment you will be charged the full service on the credit card we have on file.  If you happen to be a no show.  You will be charged for all the services in full.


We ask that you schedule your next visit before leaving.  To hold a reservation we require a credit card with expiration date at the time of scheduling.  You can also schedule on line at


Please try to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.  This will allow you time to update your client profile, change or prepare before you begin.


For the purpose of professionalism and warmth, clients are draped during the treatment.  The treatment area is covered, massaged or waxed amd then it is recovered.  Undergarments can also be worn.


We recommend that you leave your valuable items at home when enjoying spa services.  We cannot be responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen articles.


Payments by cash, Visa, Master card and American Express are accepted.  The prices are subject to change without notice.


Gift Certificates are available at the reception desk or online at


Skin care products, treatment and gift certificates are not transferable or refundable.


We offer a discount price for the purchase of treatment packages. Payment in full for the entire package is mandatory prior to receiving your first treatment.  Unfortunately, courses of treatment are non-refundable.

If you experience a severe adverse reaction to a product or treatment you must be evaluated prior to  proceeding or discontinuing the treatment.  If further treatments are indicated no refunds will be issued.  As advised by a health care practitioner, service credit may be granted.


Prices will be changed from time to time with no prior notice.

Refer a Friend
Refer a friend to our Salon or Spa and receive 15% off your next service. Make sure they mention your name when they come in and tell the receptionist when you call to make your appointment who your friend is that came in. Discount not valid until your friend has completed their appointment. One per customer.

More Offers & Coupons

Often called a non-surgical facelift, microcurrent facials are extremely popular facials with many benefits and few contraindications.  The treatment is not aggressive or invasive and feels very relaxing. A water based gel or water is used to conduct the current as two-prong probes move very specifically around the face.  The muscle are “lifted” and held in place for a few seconds.

The results are evident from the first treatment and many clients will complete a series of treatments to lift and tone the face or to improve skin conditions such as acne.  There is increased blood flow, lymphatic drainage, stimulation of collagen and elastin, increased product penetration and a lifting of the muscles.  It is compared to “taking your face to the gym” and multiple sessions yield better results.



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Acne Resolution

A number of treatments designed to tackle the root cause of acne and draw the impurities to the surface so that your acne is cleared now and in the long run.

Requires home care and office visits commitment.

Recomment 1 treatment every 2 weeks for 12 weeks then once a month.

Consistency is key in clearing acne.

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Ingrown Hair/Folliculitis

Designed to effectively and professionally address bumps, on the upper arms, ingrown hairs and folliculitis.bacteria.  Treatment includes cleanse, exfoliation, extractions if needed, face or body enzyme and transdermal nutrition.

Areas commonly affected are:

Back and chest


Anywhere acne is present




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