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Do you want to look great for your age without surgery or radical changes?  It can be done.  You can have healthy, clear ageless skin just like the stars on TV. We specialize in non-surgical skin care treatments.  Our skin care specialist is a nurse practitioner with years of experience caring for common skin disorders and weight management issues.  She guarantees you the beautiful skin you want.  We take a holistic approach to skin care and only use bioactive medical grade skin care products that are free from parabens, additives, dyes and harmful chemicals; are dye free and cruelty free.

Technological advances offer alternatives to traditional cosmetic procedures such as facelifts and liposuction with no down time and no anesthesia.

You have options such as Microcurrent, Microneedling, Radio Frequency, LED Light Therapy and Ultrasonic Cavitation, peptides, amino acids and hyaluronic acid.

Great skin care begins with an in-depth history and skin analysis.  This allows us to look beyond the skin surface for the reasons behind the skin's dysfunction. Based on the analysis we design a skin program that aims to match your unique qualities with the appropriate skin care treatments.  This non-invasive treatment program will include great home care products and life style recommendations.

The beauty of non-surgical treatments it that they reveal naturally glowing, healthy, skin without down-time.

Clients look fresher, younger and healthier.

Body Treatments

At Triple 8 Spa & Wellness we take care of your whole body.  Every inch of it.  I go where others won't because I am also a health care practitioner with experience in caring for the whole person.  

Our Body Treatments are designed to detox, lose inches and relax.  All treatments are tailored to match your unique qualities.  We use high quality natural/organic products.

Fanny Facial
Sometimes skin in those intimate parts isn't quite ready for close up.  You can fix this problem.  Skin is gentle cleansed. Ingrown hairs and clogged pores are deeply exfoliated with microdermabrasion or an organic.  Skin is then steamed and ingrown hairs and acne are extracted.  A soothing organic mask is applied to close pores and tighten the skin.  This is followed by a session of LED light therapy to address pigmentation.  Green light slows melanin production, blue light kills acne bacteria.  Yellow light replenishes and detoxifies.  With a session of skin lightening and toning your butt will be as smooth as a baby's bottom.
Regular $500.

Skin care for breasts.  Empowers firmer, more youthful, healthier breast skin at any age.  Includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation, lymphatic or upward moving galvanic massage, delicate extraction, hair removal and peel off or lifting mask from collagen, seaweed or body enzyme.  Firming cream completes the treatment.  Home care is recommended.  Each client is taught self-breast exam.

Add dermarolling $35.

Add on to any treatment $49.

$79 and up.


Due to bad brazilian, bikini waxes or problem skin, some of us are prone to ingrown hairs and discoloration.  We can fix this problem with Triple 8 Vajacial treatment.  The skin is first gently cleansed.  Skin is then comfortably steamed, ingrown hairs and acne are extracted and a soothing organic mask is applied to close pores and tighten the skin.

A skin tightening session can be added to firm. tighten and tone the thighs or bum.

Add a light therapy session to treat pigments and bacteria.

Starts at $55

Add light therapy for $15

Firm, tone and tighten bums and thighs $45

Underarm Lightening

Most of us want to lighten our underarm or remove ingrown hairs.  This treatment is a facial for your underarm area.  We exfoliate, extract and rehydrate the area to remove ingrown hairs and acne.  

Our products help with scars left after breakouts and ingrown hairs.  A skin bleaching cream can be used to lighten the skin under your arms and even your skin tones out.

Add skin bleaching peel $15.
Hand Treatment
Your hands are part of your body that people see most often and the part of your body that begin to show signs of aging before anywhere else.  For this reason, the goal of decreasing the visible signs of aging on the hands is one of the most popular procedures.  A combination of chemical peels, microdermabrasion, microneedling, enzyme treatment and light therapy help reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and age spots.  Microneedling and light therapy help jump-start collagen production.

Add light therapy  $15.

Add microneedling $20.

Stretch Marks Fix
This treatment formula softens and dissolves tears in the skin before knitting the structure of the tissue.  Microneedling is used to stimulate fibroblasts production.  Enzyme therapy is performed to rebuild and strengthen the skin back to optimal function.  Improves microcirculation, boosts capillary blood supply.
Body Sculpting Wrap
Designed to assist in the sculpting and reshaping of the body.  It provides a dramatic reduction in cellulite by creating a thermogenic effect. It increases circulation and eliminates waste material.  Body sculpting can provide an effective aesthetic result through tightening and toning.
It has a firming, tightening and toning effect on the skin of the body, leaving the appearance smooth and sculpted.
Excellent for cellulite.
Cellulite Fix

Cellulite is a condition that occurs in women.  It is genetically inherited and may occur either in a thin or obese individual.  Hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause also trigger this condition.

The treatment area is cleansed.  A gentle dry brush or salt scrub is performed to stimulate circulation.  An anticellulite serum or cream is applied and massaged in with ultrasound cavitation and red light to stimulate circulation and metabolism through vasodilation.  The body rids itself of the excess fat cells and accumulated water by flushing the toxins through the capillary network.  The treatment concludes with with the application of of firming cream.

In-spa cellulite treatments are scheduled twice a week  for a period of six weeks.  A home care regimen is necessary to enhance and sustain results.

The combination of two treatments: spot treatment for cellulite and whole body detox accelerates results.


With whole body detox  add $45
Deep Cleansing Back Facial

The back is not reachable to the average person.  Therefore, dead cells build up, causing the skin to look dull ashy.  If you have back acne chances are you never show your back in public, but that can change. This back treatment deep cleanse and gets rid of comedones, pustules or impurities.

The back is steamed and the area is cleansed with a brush machine.  This is followed by deep exfoliation, extractions and high frequency, massage and the application of a mask and light moisturizer leaving the back feeling smooth and silky.

Add microdermabrasion $15.

Add LED Light Therapy $15

Add Aromatherapy $10

Infrared Body Wrap

Fit Body wrap produces safe and natural far infrared heat, which is light we can't see but can feel as warmth.  All warm blooded animals generate this type of heat naturally and more than half of the sun's output is infrared.

Benefits include detoxification, weight loss & Cellulite reduction, pain relief, skin rejuvenation and relaxation.

One can have up to 3 body wraps per week.

1 session = $40.

3 sessions = $100 (savings=$20)

5 sessions = $150 (savings=$50)


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For the purpose of professionalism and warmth, clients are draped during the treatment.  The treatment area is covered, massaged or waxed amd then it is recovered.  Undergarments can also be worn.


We recommend that you leave your valuable items at home when enjoying spa services.  We cannot be responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen articles.


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We offer a discount price for the purchase of treatment packages. Payment in full for the entire package is mandatory prior to receiving your first treatment.  Unfortunately, courses of treatment are non-refundable.

If you experience a severe adverse reaction to a product or treatment you must be evaluated prior to  proceeding or discontinuing the treatment.  If further treatments are indicated no refunds will be issued.  As advised by a health care practitioner, service credit may be granted.


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If you need to reschedule or cancel, please give 24 hours notice. If you cancel the SAME DAY as your appointment, you will be charged for all services in full to the credit card we have on file.  If you happen to be a NO SHOW for the appointment, you will be charged for all of the services in full.


  It is recommended  that you schedule your next service prior to leaving.  To hold a reservation, we require a credit card number and expiration date at the time of scheduling. You can also schedule online 24/7 by pressing the BOOK button.


Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your first appointment.  This will allow you to update your client profile, change, or prepare before you begin.

For the purposes of professionalism and warmth, clients are draped during the treatment.  The treated area is uncovered, massaged or waxed, and then it is re-covered.  Undergarments can also be worn.

We recommend that you leave your valuable items at home when enjoying spa services.  We cannot be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal articles.


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