Spa Membership


Invest in Your Health!

Taking the time to take care of your skin is a necessary piece of your health plan.  Scheduling regular skin treatments can play a major part in how healthy you will be and how youthful you will remain with each passing year.

At Triple 8 Spa & Wellness, membership is an affordable solution for consistent skin and body care.   


Triple 8 Spa Member


Initial payment $69.00

Monthly payment $69.00

When you become a member you'll be pampered with one spa treatment per month  You will receive exclusive discounts and monthly gift access.

Spa Member will select from:

1. Purifying Facial - Customized to your unique skin qualities from acne to aging skin damage. It begins with cleansing, continue with exfoliation and treatment mask.  Skin is hydrated, smooth and radiant.

2. Deep Cleansing back Treatment - Proves complete cleansing for those hard to reach spots.  Combining exfoliation to leave skin smooth, soft and more toned.

3,  Alpha Hydroxy facial peel - Skin brightening treatments to match your unique skin needs that will leave your skin tone more even and feeling more energized, resulting in a radiant, long-lasting luminosity.

  • 20% off other spa services.
  • 15% off retail products.
  • 10% off Weight Loss Services.
  • Triple 8 Spa Rewards