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 Weight Loss, Fat Elimination & Body Contouring Clinic in Orlando


" Quality is never an accident; it is always

the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives." 

William A. Foster

Get rid of this stubborn belly fat. 

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Bridal Perfection
Your bridesmaids, flower girls, family and ceremony participants can look and feel special on your special day too. Show your closest friends and family how much you care with a custom bridal party perfection package to bring out their best features and complement the style that you choose for yourself on that special day. We offer a free bridal party consultation and specialized discount pricing when you bring multiple members of your bridal party in for services in preparation for your wedding day. Be sure to bring pictures or samples of your dresses, floral themes, invitations, and other materials to help us guide you to the perfect style combinations for your bridal party.Remember to book early to make sure we are available on or before your special day.

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New Client Discount
New customers: Save on your first visit. Mention this promotion for 15% off your first service with us.

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Pigment Clearing Bootcamp

A series of treatments that work to brighten skin conditions such as melasma, passive and inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 

During pregnancy when melanocytes-stimulating hormones estrogen and progesterone surge, many women experience the patchy, irregular, large dark areas on the chin, forehead and cheeks known as melasma.  Hormonal birth control can also be a trigger for melasma. 

Post inflammatory pigmentation is the red or dark patches that show up on your skin after a pimple, a scratch or other insult to the skin.  UV exposure triggers free radicals in the skin which creates oxidative stress.  The skin responds by producing melanin.  These pigmented areas cluster together to form the dark spots known as age spots. 

Your skin might be genetically prone to hyperpigmentation making it more likely to suffer from conditions such as melasma, pigmented scarring and age spots.  Some treatments such as peels and lasers can accentuate or even cause pigmentation rather than remove it.  

For both preventing and reversing irregular pigmentation, cell turnover is essential.  Sloughing off the upper layers of dead skin will bring excess melanin to the surface and replace those discolored layers of skin with bright, new skin.

With the right products and the right regimen, everyone can achieve brighter, more consistent, even-toned skin.

Lightening hyperpigmentation takes time and consistency.

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We accept Care Credit Card
One card that can help you get a lot done.  A credit card for your health, wellness and personal expenses.  It can help you get the health, beauty or weight loss care you want  at no interest for 6 months.  Ask, me how to apply.

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Body Sculpting

A thermogenic body sculpting wap.  This treatment assists in stimulating the lymphatic drainage system, helping to remove toxins and waste material that cause stagnation and fluid build-up.  This prevents fat cells from becoming engorged and squashing blood vessels.  When fat cells are inflated with fluid and toxic wast they buldge and creates dimpled, lumpy, bumpy appearance seen on the skin that we call cellulite.  Body sculpting stimulates the circulation and lymphatic drainage systems restoring optimal function to the affected area helping to revise the appearance of cellulite.




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